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Is Professional Pressure Washing Safe For The Environment?

Environmentally safe pressure washing

The short answer to whether or not professional pressure washing is safe for the environment is yes, it is! We know that anyone asking this question wants to know exactly how this method of exterior cleaning will affect their exterior surfaces and the world surrounding them, and we're more than happy to explain. After all, it's a good thing to keep your residential or commercial property spotlessly clean all throughout the year, but not at the expense of the environment whenever possible!

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How Pressure Washing Holds Up Against More Traditional Methods Of Exterior Cleaning

So how exactly is professional pressure washing environmentally friendly, especially when stacked up against more traditional methods of cleaning by hand?

We'll get into the chemical solutions and detergents used during the pressure washing process in a moment, but it's important to note that there are many other factors at play when it comes to determining whether or not something is eco-friendly. For methods of exterior cleaning, you need to consider factors such as energy, time, and the amount of resources used from start to finish. These factors help weigh out the impact that an exterior cleaning method has on the environment, and they vary from technique to technique.

Pressure washing is an incredibly quick process, especially when compared to manually cleaning a surface by hand. Because it takes so much less time to perform this technique, the amount of energy used is drastically lower than more traditional methods. This also means that far fewer resources are used to achieve the desired results, giving this method a much smaller carbon footprint overall!

Are The Chemical Solutions And Detergents Used In The Process Going To Harm My Exterior Surfaces?

In most circumstances, pressure washing contractors will almost always use eco-friendly chemical detergents for their services. Using safe chemical solutions is especially important for soft washing services such as roof cleaning, which require a higher concentration of these chemicals to make up for the lower pressure settings used in this particular method. There may be cases where a pressure washer will use harsher chemicals for service as needed, but in general, most contractors make sure to use the highest quality supplies that won't cause damage to the world around us!

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